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VPEL takes advantage of current technology to help businesses grow. We provide services such as 3D and Virtual Reality real estate and venue tours. On top of this, we sell state-of-the-art equipment for Virtual Reality experiences and display screens.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the simulation of a place of environment, making you feel as if you were physically in another location. It uses your visual and auditory senses to suspend you in another reality.


How does VR help your business?

1 %
More bookings

Virtual tours have been shown to increase online bookings by an average of 85%.

1 %
More views

Using virtual tours increase your views 50% more than a competitor without a virtual tour.


Capture your space and create an interactive VR experience


Original tours that cater to each potential buyer


Allow users to tour your space from anywhere in the world, at their convenience.


VR technology is widely used in many industries including real estate

Services Provided

Utilizing virtual reality’s current state-of-the-art equipment, we provide services such as 3D and Virtual Reality tours.

VR Tour

We capture your space and create an interactive VR experience.

3D Tour

We provide 3D tours for websites, Google, and listing pages.

Technical Support

We offer any virtual reality tour technical support necessary.

Virtual Tours & Real Estate

Virtual tours help double the interest in business listings. Those who view a listing with a virtual tour are shown to be twice as likely to be interested in booking.



Listing + Photos


Listing + Photos + Virtual tour



Take a look

Matterport’s Showcase 3.0 player offers many perspectives. Use dollhouse view to see the whole property all at once. Switch to Inside View for an interactive walkthrough experience – like you’re actually there. Floorplan gives a birds-eye perspective of the property.

Virtual reality


All equipment is available for purchase & rent

9D Virtual Reality Arcade Equipment

Immerse in virtual reality by enjoying roller coasters, haunted houses, race cars, and more in a ride simulator. All 9D Virtual Reality Arcade Equipment is ESA certified

HTC Vive Pro Station

A complete package including the HTC Vive Pro Station and controllers, along with a powerful custom built PC. As seen in Virtual Sting arcade locations.

LED Commercial Display screen

Elevate your store media by using video or creative advertisements.

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